Powerball lottery game is one of the most renowned state lotteries, drawing winners with prizes that range from $1 million to billions and boasting second place jackpot prize after Mega Millions with an average prize pool of approximately $338 Million per drawing. Played across 47 states and D.C, but not every state has been blessed with jackpot winners; we will take a look at which states participate and reveal any lucky ones among us! In this article we’ll take a closer look at which states participate and any lucky winners from those states participating.

To play Powerball lottery, your first step should be selecting your state or jurisdiction of choice. While most states offer Powerball, Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada and Utah do not participate at all; you may still purchase tickets from participating states and territories if living outside these five.

Ohio Powerball players have enjoyed some success over time, including big winners like Marie Holmes who won a $564 million jackpot in February 2015. North Carolina Lottery stands out as another strong performer, contributing part of its revenue to K-12 public education while also permitting winners to claim prizes through trusts for anonymity purposes.

Delaware was another founding state of the Powerball lottery and has seen multiple large jackpot winners over time. Players also have the choice between cash or annuity payout options; Lerynne West won half of a $687 million jackpot win in October 2018.

South Carolina was another Powerball founding member, joining in 1992, and has seen great success since then. One of its stand-out features is that players may remain anonymous; all lottery funds go toward public education projects in South Carolina. Furthermore, South Carolina recently introduced Double Play which increases chances of winning!

New Hampshire stands out as an exceptional state when it comes to Powerball: winners have 60 days after each draw to choose whether their winnings should come in cash or annuity format, unlike some states such as Florida and Missouri which require players to select an option at ticket purchase and cannot change it later.

California, Connecticut, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, South Dakota, Tennessee and Texas do not tax winnings from Powerball lottery tickets sold therein; Maryland and Minnesota do not impose state taxes on jackpots over $50 million either; New Yorkers who win may need to pay an additional local levy tax as an offset against costs associated with collecting large prizes.